Jabil Digitally Transforms Server Assembly

Tulips Apps Increase Yield by 10% For Global Contract Manufacturer

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Defects on High Variety Lines


Digital Standard Work
Guided Assembly
Electronic QA Forms

“Before Tulip, it wasn’t practical to conduct in-depth analysis to optimize every process. However, Tulip makes this level of analysis effortless. Now we have real-time insights that let us optimize even low volume production runs.”
- Quality Engineer


Tulip teamed up with Jabil Circuit, a leading global contract manufacturer, to guide complex electronics assembly. Jabil used Tulip’s tablet-based IoT-enabled interactive work instructions and real-time process analytics to meet aggressive production and efficiency requirements.


Operators on Jabil’s manufacturing line build over 40 different models of complex electronic assemblies, each with a unique combination of components. Before Tulip, front-line engineers relied on paper-based work instructions and audit procedures to guide operators and identify process inefficiencies.


Jabil needed to maintain the highest quality and efficiency standards despite a high variety of assembly requirements. Operators needed the right information available at the right time to ensure the correct components were included in each assembly. Additionally, non-value-add steps had to be identified and eliminated quickly.


Increase in Production Yield


Faster Auditing


Hours Saved

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