Dear Santa,

At Tulip, we are fully aware of the challenges you are facing as your team works to have everyone’s gifts ready to be delivered on time. To help you in the final push, here are some ideas on how you can use Tulip to help you and your team fulfill the wishes of kids all over the world.

Help Elves Do Their Job Better

Your elves need to assemble millions of toys in a short time frame. Given the sheer number of SKUs, elves need to be able to build tons of different products, and every year they need to learn how to assemble ever more complicated toys. Tulip can help you make their jobs easier through interactive work instructions that guide the elves through the assembly process. These work instructions provide real-time feedback to ensure quality is built-in. This not only lets you reduce quality defects, but it also enables you to do automatic time studies so you can identify outperformers and provide timely feedback to underperformers.

Make Sure Toys Are Ready on Time

You need to ensure millions of orders are ready to ship by the 24th, or else you’ll break the heart of millions of kids. To ensure orders are fulfilled on time, you can use Tulip Apps to build analytic reports that show you if production is ahead or behind schedule. You can create dashboards to see how actual output compares with planned production. You can even receive SMS or e-mail based alerts if production falls behind schedule.

Santa prep to ship

Make the North Pole Lean

If you want the North Pole to continue being competitive, you have to embrace lean manufacturing. We know this transition is hard, but Tulip can help ease the burden as a Lean implementation tool. For example, you can build a 5S app that lets elves keep their stations organized, or you could make a Poka Yoke app to guide them as they pick and place parts to assemble the toys. Furthermore, if an elf runs into an issue, they can use Tulip’s digital Andon app to call for help from you or their supervisor. Using the real-time data collected by Tulip, you can perform continuous improvement in real-time to streamline your workshop’s operations.

Deliver the right toys to the right kids

Beyond the manufacturing process itself, Tulip can also help you pack and ship toys. You can build a prep-to-ship app or a kitting app that guides your packaging elves as they bundle toys together. Furthermore, you can connect the app to a scale (or to any of our supported IoT devices)and weight the packages before loading the sleigh . That way, if the box is below the expected weight, you can automatically alert your elves so they can double check the order contents to ensure it contains the right toys.

Remember that you don’t need to wait for Christmas to try Tulip out, as we have a free trial year-round!

Happy Holidays,

The Tulip Team