Our engineers are constantly hard at work integrating new shop floor IoT devices with Tulip’s platform. Here are the latest devices we’ve added to the device library this month:

RF IDeas RDR-80581AKU

RFIDeas RDR-80581AKU
The RF IDeas pcProx Plus is a cutting-edge card reader that can read both 125 kHz proximity cards and 13.56 MHz contactless cards. Learn more.


Mitutoyo 700-118-20-65737 Thickness Gage

Mitutoyo 700-118-20The Mitutoyo 700-118-20 Thickness Gage has a range of 0-.5″/ 12.7mm, amking it great for quickly measuring the thickness of paper, leather, wires, plastic parts, and more. The digital display provides error-free reading with 0.01mm/ .0005″ resolution. Learn more.


Ohaus SJX1502N/E Scale


The Ohaus SJX1502NE features a maximum weighing capacity of 1500 g and a readability of 0.01 g. Learn more.



Motorola Symbol DS9808
Designed to deliver a new level of versatility, functionality and performance, the DS9808 features a one-of-a-kind hybrid form factor that provides superior comfort and ease of use in both handheld and hands-free scanning modes. Learn more.

Our device library is always growing. See our full device library here, and read more about how Tulip can help you augment your operations with shop floor IoT.