Remote work, it turns out, can be far more intimate than the office. 

This is something we’ve learned over the last few weeks as we adjusted to working from home. 

I, personally, have learned more about my coworkers in the last two weeks than in a full year of open office plan and team lunches.

Pets, kids, comfortware, interior design preferences–the world through Zoom is so much more exposed than the carefully presented selfs we show one another in the office. 

So we wanted to share some of the things we’ve learned from seeing Tulip’s home battles stations. 

1.) One monitor is never enough

work from home office station
home office image
Double monitor work station

2.) Sales Engineering is set to demo Tulip from Home

Home office
home office

3.) Tulip <3’s natural grain wood

Home office
Home office
Home office

4.) Sometimes it takes a crisis to see what’s in front you

5.) When the world stops, construction stops

Picture of Somerville
Construction debris

6.) Social distancing leads to some surreally empty views

City scapes office view

7.) Tulip mugs help Tulip blossom.

Home office featuring Tulip mug

8.) Marketing brings the party everywhere

Home office featuring lava lamp

9.) Nothing beats the WFMassage Chair

Office chair

10.) Real winners are the people who WFW (work from woods)