Until recently, process engineers have not been able to join in on the digital revolution that is empowering professionals in almost every other industry.

While employees in other industries are able to gather a wealth of data that will help them make informed decisions, process engineers have been stuck with paper work orders, time studies, and a variety of back-end solutions that are not built for the shop floor.

However, with the rise of manufacturing apps, a growing community of process engineers are pioneering new methods for improving shop floor efficiency, leveraging IoT, cloud, big data and other technologies. After deploying apps at multiple types of workstations on their floor, they have discovered new opportunities to reduce waste and improve the day-to-day lives of operators.

Recognizing their innovative work, we invited a small group of these process engineers to form a User Advisory Council for Tulip. Here’s how this group is defining the future of manufacturing.

What is the User Advisory Council?

Although the User Advisory Council is organized by Tulip, it is not focused on our software. Instead, it is a sharing platform where participants can learn about the latest ways that digital manufacturing is being applied on shop floors around the world.

The Council meets once per month and gives members the opportunity to meet each other, share challenges they are facing, and brainstorm ways in which they can apply digital manufacturing techniques to solve these challenges.

Previous sessions have included discussions around operator productivity, how to improve training for new employees, how to leverage connected devices to collect production data, how to increase the speed with which you can identify and solve bottlenecks, and more technical discussions around how folks are getting the most out of their ERP.

Sessions often include a show and tell section, where a member of the council will show an app or other digital manufacturing solution she deployed to the rest of the team and get feedback.
We also have members of the Tulip team give an inside look into an upcoming feature, including the ways that we included user feedback in the process. This allows Council members to contribute to individual features before they are released.

Empowering the Innovators

You might be wondering: why the heck would we share features that are still in development? Or give paying customers an inside look at our feature development process? Or organize a discussion that is NOT centered around Tulip products?

It’s pretty simple: Tulip was started to help frontline engineers drive the digital transformation of their shop floors. Tools are an important part of this equation, which is why we’ve built the first no-code manufacturing app platform. But we also recognize that the magnitude of the endeavor requires much more than a tool – it requires a community of like-minded engineers, willing to help each other solve the industry’s most pressing challenges.

If you’d like to be a part of this, you can apply to be part of our User Advisory Council here.