Every year, manufacturers meet in Germany for the Hannover Messe conference, an exposition of the newest and most exciting developments in industry. And every year, LNS Research produces some of the most insightful coverage of the event.  

LNS recently released their report on Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions set to change the game. Here are 6 key takeaways.

1.) Organizations are Partnering to Deliver End-to-End Industrial Transformation

Some of the largest industrial incumbents are exploring partnerships and mergers as a means of expanding their offerings and finding new sources of value. These partnerships let each company leverage its strengths, and deliver to customers a solution extending from planning to design to execution to analysis. While LNS notes that such end-to-end solutions stand out in a market of niche solutions, these partnerships will face challenges going to market against agile, competitive platforms.

2.) The Cloud on the Horizon

In the past year, AWS and Microsoft Azure consolidated their control over the cloud market. That said, many manufacturers still use a mix of “hyper-scale” cloud platforms and industry specific or in-house solutions. Both Microsoft and Amazon have built a robust network of partner organizations leading the way toward new IIoT capabilities.

3.) MOM is evolving into IIOT

More and more, MOM systems are migrating into the cloud. As connected cloud systems become increasingly powerful, more manufacturers are exploring these options as an alternative to the cost, complexity, and unwieldy integrations of MES.

4.) Modularity

LNS identified modularity as one of the key features of forward-thinking MOM systems (and named Tulip a pioneer in the field). Modular solutions let manufacturers adapt IIoT technology to their operations, allowing them to deploy by function and use case without the bloat and rigidity of MES. More and more, IIoT-enabled manufacturing app platforms let manufacturers design their own solutions to enduring problems.

5.) MOM is the Foundation for an Industrial Transformation

According to LNS, MOM systems are a good starting point for any organization considering an Industrial Transformation. There are a large number of solutions available, and the outlook is promising for the future.

6.) The Robotics Market is Increasing in Maturity

On a final note, the analysts from LNS were impressed by the maturity of the robotics market. As robotics are effectively integrated with other technologies–Digital Twin was the one that caught the attention of LNS’s reporter–more exciting automation solutions will follow.

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