Here are the latest additions to the App Library:

First Pass Yield

First Pass Yield App

Gain visibility into the first-pass yield of your production process so you can measure the effectiveness of your process and track the progress of continuous improvement activities. Incorporate quality inspections into work instructions and capture real-time data on causes of rework. Capture precise quality inspection data from integrated IoT devices

Production Dashboard

The Tulip Production Dashboard displays hourly production data at a glance.

The production board is a time-tested visual management solution on lean shop floors. Tulip’s Production Dashboard takes inspiration from the humble whiteboard, and then some. It works hand-in-hand with work instructions apps and analytics to give operators, supervisors, and management real-time visibility into production.

Prep to Ship

Prep to Ship App

The Prep to Ship app error-proofs and streamline the process of preparing orders for shipment to reduce costs from RMAs and shipping errors. It ensures that all components of a finished product are present. The app also integrates cameras, scales, and other sensors to ensure that products free of defects prior to shipment.

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