Two months ago I had never seen a CNC machine in person and I had never heard of DMG MORI. I have been in the Pharma bubble too long. Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to represent Tulip at EMO this year and my bubble has been burst. With over 150,000 visitors over six days, it was either sink or swim.

Over the week I quickly learned about CNC machines, and who uses them (pretty much any company that manufacturers).  I even learned about Titan of CNC, the YouTube star of the CNC machine world. He stopped by our booth, to shoot a video with Rony and Natan.

This image shows a DMG MORI machine from the EMO 2019 tradeshow Tulip attended in September 2019.

A DMG Mori Machine.

The show itself was crazy! Throughout the week we collected a lot of business cards. We meet with everyone from Politicians (Finance Minister of the local state), to CEOs, COOs to Process Engineers and Manufacturing Technicians. We even met a princess, a professional sailor racing non-stop single-handed around the world and the Oculus team from Facebook.

This is a photo from EMO 2019 showing the DMG MORI booth where Tulip showed demos of Manufacturing Apps.

The booth was busy with visitors.

It was amazing to see people’s excitement and the buzz around Tulip. Many of the companies stopping by were major manufacturing companies. But many were also traditional German Mittelstaendler. The Mittelstand is the German SME (Small and Medium Enterprise).  These companies are at the heart of the German economy and are often still run by the founding families. Often the Geschaeftsfuerhrer (GM) would stop by with his son, the successor of the company. 

Mr. Thoenes of DMG MORI reveals the new partnership with Tulip at his Sales Training and explains how to integrate Tulip into DMG MORI sales to digitize manufacturing.

Mr. Thoenes revealing the Tulip partnership at the Sales Training.

This infographic shows how Tulip is now integrated as part of the DMG MORI ecosystem.

Tulip is now part of the DMG MORI ecosystem.

After experiencing the level of excitement and buzz around Tulip at the show, I think Tulip is officially playing in the major leagues. The partnership with DMG MORI is huge! I think the next few months are going to be really busy. It will be exciting!