What’s new:

Applications are core to the Tulip platform. These out-of-the-box apps were built by Tulip for our users, with many different use cases in mind. You can configure them to meet your needs, or customize them further with the endless capabilities of the Tulip app builder. We release new apps to the library on a bi-weekly cadence and are excited to share the 6th release of apps and updates:

  • Machine Monitoring Dashboard App: View an interactive dashboard that shows machine status overlaid atop a facility map
  • Process Capability App: Capture machine data and be alerted to changes to statistical process control calculations
  • Updates to Existing Apps: Improvements to several apps with a new table structure

Machine Monitoring Dashboard

With this app, you can easily view machine status overlaid atop a facility map. The dashboard allows you to click on individual machines for a more detailed view. The data reported has the ability to be filtered in real-time by day, week, month, or other views.

Process Capability

This app captures data from devices or machines and performs a basic Statistical Process Control (SPC) calculation, such as Cp and Cpk. If values from the data begin to drift in one direction or lingerie on one side of the average or nominal value, then the app will send an alert.

Getting Started

  • Machine Monitoring Dashboard: Visit our support article to read more on machine monitoring with Tulip
  • Process Capability: Visit this support article for an overview of configuring and using the Process Capability app
  • More on the Library: To learn more about Library releases and apps, view all of the announcements at our community site. Want to learn more about a specific product feature? Reach out with questions.