How to use Tulip for digital 5S at your factory

5S provides five key steps for maintaining an efficient workspace in order to improve the quality of products: sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain. It is one of the cornerstone practices of lean manufacturing.

More than ensuring that a workspace is neat and aesthetically orderly, 5S focuses on keeping everything in its place to maintain consistency in the work environment. Eliminating inconsistencies reduces disruptions to production processes, in turn resulting in reduced waste and a more predictable (and higher) quality of output.

Implementing a digital 5S program at your factory can be an intimidating, but rewarding, endeavor. Making sure you have the right tools in place to sustain your 5S program can be key to fostering a culture of continuous improvement in your organization.

Tulip 5S audit app being used at a customer facility

Traditional paper-based processes are easy to ignore and hard to track. A manufacturing app platform such as Tulip, however, can help manufacturers standardize and implement 5S procedures across their factories, easily make adjustments to keep them up to date, and automatically collect data from 5S processes, allowing manufacturers to promote accountability among their employees and monitor progress over time.

Here are four ways to use Tulip for digital 5S:

1. Guide your team through 5S audits tailor-made to the specific work area.

Tulip’s 5S app allows your team to perform interactive standardized audits on their work areas. The app is completely customizable, so you can create a process that meets your shop floor’s exact criteria for 5S compliance.

With rich media, you can provide detailed explanations of each step of the audit and show users exactly the way things should be–so there’s less guesswork, and your findings are more standardized; consistency is key when it comes to identifying areas for improvement and tracking improvements over time.

Since Tulip doesn’t require any coding, it’s easy to update your apps to adapt to improvements in your processes. And it’s cloud-based, so your apps will always stay up-to-date across your factory.

Get started with our 5S app.

2. Collect 5S audit data automatically.

Tulip saves the results from your 5S audits automatically, so you don’t need to worry about tracking your audits on pen and paper and losing your valuable data.

You can also use interactive forms in your 5S app to keep track of notes from your audit and take photos of areas that need to be improved. With a comprehensive record of all of your digital 5S audits, you can gain visibility into the problems that arise and improvements that have been implemented over time.

Tulip 5S Audit Form


3. Promote accountability with action items and task dashboards

As employees come across areas of improvement, they can document them and assign action items. These action items can be tracked in dashboards, along with photos of the area.

Doing so not only encourages employees to take ownership over improvement efforts in their work areas and increases regular engagement with 5S activities, it can also promote accountability among employees.

Tulip 5S Audit Action Items Dashboard


4. Gain visibility and track progress with analytics

You can embed analytics into your app to create a dashboard of your factory’s 5S health and monitor your factory’s 5S scores over time by work area and criteria. Tracking your factory’s 5S progress regularly can help integrate 5S improvements into your organization’s culture, which is key in fostering an effective and long-lasting program of continuous improvement.

Tulip 5S Audit Dashboard


With the flexibility of Tulip’s app builder, these 5S audit applications are easy to customize, adjust, and keep up-to-date, ensuring a sustainable way to standardize a digital 5S program throughout your plant. Get started with our ready-to-use, customizable 5S app.

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