The Industrial Internet of Things is quickly being adopted in the manufacturing industry and beyond. Our engineers are constantly hard at work integrating new shop floor IoT devices with Tulip’s platform. Here are the latest devices we’ve added to the device library this month:

IPEVO Ziggi-HD Plus USB Document Camera

IPEVO Ziggi-HD Plus USB Document Camera

The Ziggi-HD Plus from IPEVO is a great choice for a document camera premier document camera. Thanks to its powerful 8.0 Megapixel camera, Ziggi-HD Plus has the versatility to capture most any material. Learn more.

Honeywell Genesis 7580G

The Honeywell’s Genesis 7580g scanner can recognize all standard 1D, PDF41, and 2D barcodes. Its hardy exterior is well suited for a variety of use cases in manufacturing environments. Learn more.

InSize 1108 Digital Caliper

Insize 1108 Caliper

The InSize Digital Caliper has two upper jaws to measure internal measurements and two lower jaws that are particularly useful for measuring external measurements for larger objects. The 1108 series calipers are INSIZE’s introductory electronic calipers but have many high-quality features that give you accurate readings each time. Learn more.

Our device library is always growing. See our full device library here, and read more about how Tulip can help you augment your operations with shop floor IoT.