Back in June, Tulip embarked on a road show across the country to spread the value of agile manufacturing to discrete manufacturers. The three week road show would answer one crucial question for manufacturers: 

What if instead of top-down planning, manufacturing workers and industrial engineers could test bottom-up innovations?

We sit down with Jarrad Morelli, Tulip’s Channel Manager, and recap the three week tour and discuss the future of Tulip On The Road. 


The Recap 


Vitumbiko: What was Tulip On The Road?

Jarrad: It was a series of events hosted by Tulip and our channel partners in different cities across multiple states. Our goal was to leverage regional expertise and drive thought leadership with local companies. 

V: Where did you go? 

J: We toured a number of cities such as Marlborough, Syracuse, Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburg, and Maple Grove. 

V: Tell me about one of the events. 

J: We partnered with Clear Process Solutions, one of our channel partners, and hosted an event for Cleveland Whiskey in the Magnet Building. The event kicked off with some tutorials followed by a whiskey tour before ending with a series of demos and use cases. Other local manufacturers attended the event and our goal of showcasing agile through Tulip was achieved. 

V: Who came?

J: It was a mix of local and global manufacturers spanning different industries. Medical device manufacturers, industrial manufacturers, etc. 

V: What did people learn? 

J: It was a great event to not just educate local manufacturers on how they can leverage Tulip to begin their digital journey, but how we collaborate with our local partners to provide an end to end solution.  We were able to walk them through multiple different Tulip Use Cases and customer stories to see the ROI tied to Tulip’s ease of use, flexibility and rapid deployment. 

V: What was the response?

J: The response was great, the local manufacturers loved getting their hands dirty by walking through the demo and seeing how easy it is to build apps, interact with them and capture real time data.  

V: What was most exciting to you about Tulip On The Road? 

J: The most exciting part (besides the whiskey tasting!) was getting to spend some facetime with Tulip’s world class partners in their backyard.  It was great to meet many of their clients and customers and see the strong relationships and trust they have built over the years. What is even more exciting is thinking about how we can leverage our partnership to use Tulip and bring even more value to these local businesses.  

V: What is the future for Tulip On The Road? 

J: There is a lot of demand for events such as Tulip On The Road and we would like to replicate our efforts at least twice a year moving forward. I’m an advocate for more mini pop-up events. More roadshows. We’re hoping to host bigger events and invite more partners to participate. 

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