Tulip was started to empower the shop floor rebels – frontline manufacturing engineers who want to drive the digital transformation of their factories, from the bottom-up.

Creating the industry’s first no-code manufacturing app platform is an essential part of this mission. However, true change at scale requires much more than a tool.

It requires a community of like-minded engineers, willing to help each other solve their most pressing challenges.

This May 6th we’re hosting Tulip’s first User Conference, to bring this community to life in our Somerville, MA, headquarters.

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Recognizing manufacturing starts with people, we’ve made an effort to bring people together since the early days of our company.

Last year we launched the Manufacturing Meetup as the first step in this direction.

With over 500 members, it brings together manufacturing professionals to learn about digital manufacturing from industry leaders and each other.

This year, we launched Tulip’s User Advisory Council, a group of Tulip power users who meet once a month to discuss their challenges and help each other brainstorm digital solutions.

Encouraged by the success of both initiatives, on May 6th we’ll be hosting Tulip’s first live user conference, a full day gathering of digital manufacturing pioneers at our Headquarters in Somerville, MA.

We’ll have a full day of activities where you’ll be able to connect and learn from peers, hear industry leaders share best practices, and gain hands-on skills through workshops and factory visits. Speakers include executives from New Balance, Schneider Electric, MIT, and more.

The summit is not only for Tulip customers. All frontline engineers and managers interested in joining our community of forward-looking professionals to tackle the most challenging problems of their shop floors will find it valuable!

Attendees will get a 20% discount for tickets at the Digital Factory, an executive summit organized by Formlabs the following day (May 7th). Both of these events are a great opportunity to network with other industry leaders, learn about the latest trends and get tangible skills you can bring back to your shop floor, so we hope you can join us!

Since this is our first year doing the Agile Manufacturing Summit, we have limited spaces available. In order to save your spot, get your ticket today!

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