Here are the latest additions to the App Library:

Machine Terminal

Tulip Machine Terminal

The Machine Terminal gives operators visibility into machine status and activity alongside process data. This holistic data allows engineers to gain insights into OEE and OPE, allowing them to benchmark process improvement efforts. The intuitive interface incorporates instructions for machine maintenance and machine troubleshooting.

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SMED / Machine Changeover

Tulip SMED/machine changeover app

The SMED app streamlines the machine changeover process by standardizing processes for machine changeover and simplifying internal setup steps. Smart instructions guide users through changeover processes, and IoT-connected devices can be programmed to automatically adjust to standard settings for different processes.

The SMED app tracks the time it takes to complete changeover processes. This allows engineers to identify opportunities for improvement where time is being lost, helping to reduce changeover time and overall equipment downtime.


Line Clearance

Tulip Line Clearance App

The Line Clearance app ensures that the equipment and work area are free of products, documents, and materials from the previous process that are not required for the next scheduled process. An intuitive visual interface centralized SOPs and equipment documentation for easy navigation to line clearance processes for different work areas. Plus, the shop floor overview allows you to view and update the status of machines and work areas at a glance.


Electronic Logbook

Tulip Electronic Logbook App

The Electronic Logbook app logs equipment states and events in parallel with main process execution. As a result, you can eliminate human error in data collection, reduce time in data collection, and ensure regulatory compliance seamlessly. Configure custom data tables unique to each process, and integrate data from equipment, machines, processes, and operators for a holistic view.


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