Oh, shop floor operators

Fear not the rise of computers

Nor you, nor any manufacturer


For you are much superior

Since the intent of the computer

Is simply to copy human behavior.



If you ever doubt your worth

Recall the five reasons why the workforce

Is manufacturing’s #1 resource.


One, you have the most articulated plier.

No other machine out there

Has the same dexterity as your hands.



Two, you have the best computer vision system.

You can identify unknown objects

And perform thorough quality checks.


Three, you have excellent context analysis.

You don’t need to be programmed for every scenario

To solve problems in one go.



Four, you have a great interface.

User-friendly, willing to help, and intuitive,

That’s more than AI can achieve.


Five, you have natural language processing.

No need to teach you to communicate with people.

Your interpersonal skills have no equal.


Oh, shop floor operators

The ones who replace you with computers

Will be losers.



Rather manufacturers should equip you

With the right tools to do what you do best

Problem-solve, innovate and test.


Manufacturers, throw away your stopwatches.

Information silos will be the end of you.

And get rid of Microsoft Office too.


Your people have the most insight 

Into the processes on your production site

It’s time to use that to your advantage.


When your workers will be one with technology,

Their ability to do their job will increase significantly. 

And to the competition you’ll say: ciao baby.



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