I love podcasts. They are a great way to learn new things and listen to interesting stories while you’re on the go, doing chores, or working out. Here’s a round up of 5 manufacturing-related podcasts. These episodes either have conceptual manufacturing applications or give interesting industry insights.

Human Error in Volatile Situations – This American Life

This American Life is arguably the podcast. Featuring radio veteran Ira Glass, each episode of This American Life covers one to three stories related to a central theme This episode focuses on stories relating to human error.

Human error is a common challenge in manufacturing. Continuous improvement initiatives often focus on error-proofing, or poka yoke, to increase the quality and efficiency of production lines. The podcast tells the story of a simple human error that nearly caused a nuclear catastrophe in the Midwest of the United States.

Listen closely to the ways safety checks and procedures failed. Consider ways you can incorporate additional checks and error-proofing on your shop floor.

Why Car Safety is A Trade Barrier – Planet Money

Planet Money is a bi-weekly podcast that covers interesting economics stories. This episode covers differences in car safety standards and the impact they have on automobile manufacturers’ bottom lines.

Variability in safety standards is frustrating for car manufacturers because it requires them to design two or more versions of the same car. These designs include different variations of specific parts, like windshield wipers and airbags. Modifications often impact other design aspects of the vehicle, which require additional updates.

Listen to hear how regulatory differences impact design, and what that costs manufacturers.

MakingChips – Dialing in Manufacturing Processes

MakingChips is a manufacturing industry podcast hosted by Jason Zenger and Jim Carr. This episode focuses on process, including the elements you have documented as well as the unwritten processes that govern your factory.

Listen to hear about process optimization and other considerations.

Art of Manufacturing – Tulip Interfaces

The Art of Manufacturing, hosted by engineer and entrepreneur Krisztina “Z” Holly, covers entrepreneurs in the Manufacturing industry. The project is part of MAKE IT IN LA, a new initiative by Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti to “increase, support and inspire manufacturing in the city.”

This podcast episode features Tulip co-founder Rony Kubat and customer team lead Erik Mirandette. Learn how Tulip was founded and get some tips for digitizing a factory.

The Prepared – Tulip Interfaces

In their own words, The Prepared is “a newsletter, podcast, and network for people working on real problems in the physical world.” Host Spencer Wright’s other project, The Public Radio, uses Tulip in their assembly process (video here).

In this episode, Spencer and Rony Kubat discuss challenges both small and large manufacturers face, and how Tulip helps them overcome them.

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