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Rework Management

Increase profitability by reducing the amount of rework throughout your entire operations.


  • Goals


    • Increase productivity by guiding, tracking and measuring rework through all processes.
    • Identify and fix the root cause of rework by product, operator, raw materials, environmental conditions or other factors.
    • Save time by streamlining rework loops and automating the defect data collection process.
    • Reduce costs by increasing visibility into the rework process.

  • Features


    • Create rework instructions that are easy to follow and ensure consistent rework processes that fix quality defects.
    • Establish conditions that automatically trigger rework loops.
    • Incorporate pictures, videos, CAD drawings and other multimedia to your rework instructions to minimize mistakes.
    • Connect IoT enabled devices such as barcode scanners, calipers, and cameras to assist in the successful implementation of the rework loop and help you identify the root cause of the problem.
    • Collect live information on the amount of reworked product.
    • Collect real-time data on time spent in rework per part, per area, per operator and throughout your entire operations.
    • Easily monetize rework costs.
    • Create dashboards and visualizations to collaborate and prioritize which areas and processes need attention.

  • Interactive Visual Work Instructions
    Increase operator productivity through IoT enabled interactive work instructions.
  • New Employee Training
    Turn your new hires into experienced workers.
  • New Product Introduction
    Speed-up your time-to-production so you can launch products faster.

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