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Product Genealogy & Traceability

Know exactly how, with what, and by whom a specific product was made.


  • Goals


    • Expedite product failure investigations by tracing materials all the way through the manufacturing process.
    • Increase productivity by eliminating time-consuming paper records.
    • Identify and solve root cause of defects faster through increased visibility.

  • Features


    • Create work instructions that help workers comply with product traceability standards.
    • Connect barcode scanners to store material traceability data from the raw stage to final assembly.
    • Connect calipers and scales to ensure and track process accuracy.
    • Connect cameras to inspect and track the work performed at a certain step.
    • Connect power tools and store torque driver data directly along the built product information.
    • Allow operators to create product-specific quality reports.
    • Visualize data collected by IoT enabled devices throughout the factory floor to identify areas for improvement.

  • Interactive Visual Work Instructions
    Increase operator productivity through IoT enabled interactive work instructions.
  • New Employee Training
    Turn your new hires into experienced workers.
  • New Product Introduction
    Speed-up your time-to-production so you can launch products faster.

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