Prep to Ship

Error-proof and streamline the shipment process.


Prep to Ship App
  • Goals


    • Ensure that all components of a finished product are present and free of defects prior to shipment
    • Reduce costs from RMAs and shipping
    • Increase operator productivity and enable faster shipping.
    • Keep track of who shipped which package to increase accountability.

  • Features


    • Incorporate visual quality checks for defects
    • Integrate break beams and to ensure correct parts are included
    • Guide operators with the Tulip Light Kit to ensure they pick and place the right items in the right packages
    • Incorporate scales to check package’s weight
    • Provide a checklist to make sure your operators follow procedures and remember to ship every item in order to reduce RMA costs
    • Use barcode scanners to retrieve and input shipping data in a faster way to increase operator productivity.

  • Interactive Visual Work Instructions
    Increase operator productivity through IoT enabled interactive work instructions.
  • New Employee Training
    Turn your new hires into experienced workers.
  • New Product Introduction
    Speed-up your time-to-production so you can launch products faster.

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