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Operator Suggestions

Enable continuous improvement by allowing operators provide real-time feedback on processes.


  • Goals


    • Leverage operator insights by enabling them to provide feedback in real-time.
    • Enable continuous improvement by letting operators make suggestions.
    • Prevent production issues by letting operators identify potential sources of problems.
    • Foster engagement by allowing workers to provide real-time feedback on processes.
    • Standardize feedback protocols throughout your facilities and alert the relevant stakeholders.
    • Save time by reducing paperwork related with feedback collection.

  • Features


    • Add interactive forms to your apps to collect feedback from your team.
    • Use triggers to ask dynamic questions depending on the context.
    • Enable workers to add text explanations, images and videos into the feedback they provide.
    • Send Email and SMS alerts to the relevant stakeholders when feedback is provided.
    • Connect calipers, scales, cameras, and other IoT-enabled devices to allow operators to add metrics to their reports.
    • Allow operators to easily select who they would like to share their feedback with.
    • Collect data on when, why and who generated the feedback reports.
    • Create dashboards to keep track of feedback provided in one place and see the effect new initiatives will have on specific processes.

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