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New Employee Training

Turn your new hires into experienced workers.


  • Goals


    • Reduce new employee on-boarding costs by not having to allocate a full-time training buddy and speeding up the training process.
    • Decrease the time and effort required to onboard new employees through self-guided training modules.
    • Minimize turnover costs through a more efficient training process that speeds up the on-boarding of new hires.
    • Raise new hire engagement through ‘gamified’ training programs.

  • Features


    • Create training that incorporates multimedia resources such as images, video, CAD and other rich media to train new hires.
    • Send SMS and Email alerts to supervisors when a new hire is struggling with training or needs help.
    • Easily personalize training materials according to employee skill levels.
    • Connect smart tools to your training apps to help new hires learn how to use them faster.
    • Monitor new employee training progress in order to provide timely feedback and support.
    • Access completion data to identify parts of the on-boarding process that may need revision.

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  • New Employee Training
    Turn your new hires into experienced workers.
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