Guide associates in your kitting activities as separate but related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit.


Tulip Kitting App
  • Goals


    • Empower operators to be more efficient and accurate in their kitting tasks
    • Error-proof your kitting operations to reduce mistakes and increase productivity.
    • Increase the number of combinations available for your customers.
    • Reduce rework. Higher accuracy in your kitting operations means less time spent re-sorting.
    • Decrease scrap. Higher accuracy in your kitting tasks means less waste.
    • Faster training. Train associates in kitting activities more quickly with interactive work instructions that walk them through kitting

  • Features


    • Integrate a pick-to-light system to show the right parts to pick, where to place them and more to increase operator productivity and accuracy.
    • Program breakbeam sensors to detect whether users have picked up the right parts.
    • Connect scales to check whether the product matches the required weight.
    • Integrate machine vision cameras to visually inspect kits for accuracy.
    • Connect Andon lights to alert supervisors to issues at the station.
    • Integrate real-time inventory information from external databases
    • Connect with database systems such as SQL databases to communicate job information.

  • Interactive Visual Work Instructions
    Increase operator productivity through IoT enabled interactive work instructions.
  • New Employee Training
    Turn your new hires into experienced workers.
  • New Product Introduction
    Speed-up your time-to-production so you can launch products faster.

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