App Engine

Create digital applications that transform your operations into an instrumented, data collecting and guided environment.

Discover the Benefits of Manufacturing Apps

Manufacturing Apps make it easy to digitize, measure, and continuously improve your workflows
Implement in hours

Go from conception to value in a matter of hours.

Empower your team

Give the people closest to your operations the tools they need to improve.

Gain autonomy

No need to hire expensive third parties to build, integrate and deploy Apps.

Creating Manufacturing Apps is Easy

Build Workflows

Easily define steps and drag and drop interface components.

Add Logic

Use triggers and connectors to add logic without writing any code.

Collect Data

Deploy your app and start collecting people, machine, and sensor data.

Build Digital Workflows

Create easy to follow workflows with friendly interfaces and clear visual components.

Drag and drop elements like text, buttons, and shapes.

Upload and embed media such as pictures, video, PDFs, CAD files, and iFrames.

Customize workflow features as you would on graphic presentation software.

Upload & Embed Media

Add images, videos, rich text, PDFs, iFrames and CAD files to your apps.

Digital Forms

Replace paper with digital forms that collect operator input through touch, sensors and cameras.


Use timers in your workflows to automatically measure cycle times.


Ensure everyone is looking at the most up-to-date version of your Apps.

Edit/View Permissions

Enable and manage collaboration throughout your team with permissions.

Shapes Library

Improve the usability of your app by inserting elements from the shapes library.

Add Logic

Incorporate if-else logic to your workflows through a visual programming environment

Integrate conditional logic without writing code.

Define triggers activated by operator, sensor or machine events.

Fire alarms and actions based on app events.


Define triggers to automate actions based on events and specific conditions.

Conditional Branching

Change workflows based on the inputs received from operators, sensors, and machines.


Send and receive SMS and E-mail messages when triggers are activated.

Collect Data

Deploy your apps and start collecting data from operators, sensors, and machines.

Collect operator inputs automatically or through digital forms.

Gather data from sensors, cameras, and machines.

Connect with third-party or homegrown MES and ERP systems.

Integrate ERP/MES

Connect ERP and MES as inputs and outputs.

Real-Time Collaboration

Give and receive feedback to your team in real time.

In-process Analytics

Incorporate analyses within your apps.

Analyze your Data

Perform robust analyses and generate visualizations of your data.


Receive app comments from your operators and engineers.

Connect to your IT stack

Interface with third party or homegrown systems.

Accelerate your digital transformation

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