Visualize Real-Time Analytics

Analyze and visualize production with real-time analytics to implement changes and continuously improve.

Tulip Industrial IoT Diagram

Your Operational Data

Tulip lets you make smarter, faster decisions to continually improve your production processes with data from every step of your operations.

Create analytics that:

  • Put all of your production data at the tip of your fingers
  • Let you explore production data through a drag-and-drop interface
  • Allow lightning-fast root cause analysis
  • Provide insight into bottlenecks in your operations
Tulip Industrial IoT Diagram

When and Where You Need It

Tulip enables you to share the appropriate analytics with each member of your team. Access real-time analytics from anywhere, and setup personal alerts for the data that matters to you.

Create analytics that:

  • Show real-time metrics from the shopfloor
  • Report trends in your operations
  • Send customized alerts based on user defined triggers
  • Inform key stakeholders with relevant data

Create the Analytics You Need

Training App

Image Based Analytics

Create Image Based Analytics that:

  • Drive quality with real-time production imagery
  • Connect shopfloor events with your analytics
  • Build a defect catalogue with actual events
  • Highlight special cases
Machine Operations

Embedded Analytics

Create Embedded Analytics that:

  • Update with live data from the shopfloor
  • Notify operators in real-time
  • Collect data from every station
  • Present real-time production and quality metrics
Factory Dashboards

Factory Dashboards

Create factory dashboards that:

  • Enable faster decisions with real-time data
  • Visualize data from any Tulip shopfloor app
  • Inform the shopfloor team to current metrics
  • Allow visibility into key operations