Agile Manufacturers are Resilient

The world has changed. Companies shifted production lines 180° overnight. Supply chains form and reconfigure faster than ever before.

Join us for our Agile Manufacturing Summit series on how manufacturers navigating this global disruption require agility.

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⚡ Agile Manufacturing 101

On October 14, 2020, learn how small and medium manufacturers around the world are leveraging new technologies to move faster and gain a competitive advantage.

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💊 Future of Life Science Manufacturing

Life science, pharmaceutical, biotech, and other highly regulated manufacturers face unique challenges. In November, attend thought leadership sessions with industry experts as they discuss how digital manufacturing is enabling them to be more agile and compliant.

💡Next-Gen Manufacturing: The Rise of the Citizen Developer

Start the year by becoming a manufacturing app developer and learn how some of the world’s largest manufacturers are embracing no-code tools to empower their workers to drive their digital transformation and build innovation ecosystems from the bottom-up.

Overheard at last year’s summit… 👀

  • “Agile means that course corrections are just as important as starting with the right trajectory.”

    — Etienne Lacroix, CEO, Vention

  • “The inflection point between discovery and implementation is when the technology is pulled into the market.”

    — Dayna Grayson, NEA