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Streamline productivity in 3D printing operations

With growing 3D printer operations, managing workflows and training is a challenge.

As additive manufacturing is being embraced by industries, organizations face continuous growing pains when scaling their production processes. 3D printing is continuously underserved by manufacturing software. Workflows become difficult to manage with multiple printers, and tracking custom parts at scale through post-processing operations is a challenge. Capturing real-time data and training operators become laborious tasks that hinder the ability to scale printing operations.

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Increasing numbers of printers are being utilized.

Difficulty managing and tracking status of printers

Difficulty tracking parts at scale through post-processing

Training takes time and effort

Tulip’s Frontline Operations apps unlock real-time visibility and analytics, streamlining production with 3D printing.

With Tulip, managing printers, adding jobs, tracking parts, and training operators is easier than ever before. Tulip’s no-code operations platform can be deployed quickly. With app templates for 3D printing production management, it is easier than ever to unlock process potential.

Unlock communication between people and printers

With 3D printer APIs, Tulip can bring new visibility and control to production operations.

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Train operators in workflows and limit access based on completion

Using Tulip to train operators with printers, resulting in more parts and a growing operation.

Gain real-time visibility into quality and production information

In real-time, know exactly how many parts have been produced and enjoy full part traceability.

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Case Studies

Unlocking real-time visibility at Formlabs

Using Tulip, Formlabs now has real-time data of their printing operations. They know exactly how many parts have been produced at all times and enjoy full part traceability. This has allowed the Formlabs print production team to operate more efficiently.

Start your journey with Tulip’s 3D printing app bundle.

  • 3d printer in the lab displaying modern printing technologies
    Printer Administration
    Add new printers, and configure current records for 3D printers in your operation.
  • Young woman work with 3d printer
    Printer Management Terminal
    Assign jobs to specific printers and update status of current prints
  • Print Production Manager Looking At Tulip Analytics At Formlabs
    Printer Status Dashboard
    Monitor status for all printers in a dashboard to maximize visibility for operators

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